• Emma Harris

What to expect at a meeting for worship...

If you've never been to a Quaker Meeting for Worship then you might not know what to expect and we understand that this might be a little bit daunting. There really is nothing to worry about. We welcome everyone to our meetings. If you follow the link below then it will take you to the Quakers in Britain website and here they provide some information about what to expect.

At Ackworth Meeting we start at 10.45am on a Sunday. There will usually be someone at the door of the meeting house to welcome you and to introduce themselves to you if you have not been before. If you want to ask any questions before the meeting then that's fine, ask away before you go in.

Our meeting usually finish at around 11.30am and then there is the option to join with us for coffee afterwards if you wish.

If you would like to ask us anything else about the meeting before you come along then by all means get in touch with us.

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