• Emma Harris

The topic at the Quakers in Yorkshire Meeting was Modern Slavery...

One of our members has kindly reflected on the meeting for us.

"I attended the Quakers in Yorkshire meeting held at Bootham School last Saturday.

There were some challenges posed to us all.

The first was how Local Meetings should respond to the needs of young people in the Quaker schools, students and staff, who might be interested in joining or attending Meeting for Worship.

The second was around the main topic of the day: Contemporary Slavery.

We heard section 23.27 from Quaker Faith and Practice and in spoken ministry that, like his portrait in the National Portrait Gallery, the work of William Wilberforce remains unfinished. There are 40 million slaves in the world and the impact can affect us all from Brazilian steel to Bangladeshi prawns. In addition the carbon dioxide produced from activities around slavery are second only to China and USA.

Please read the minute and documents from QIY when they are published and think about how we might respond as individuals and as a Local Meeting"

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